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Your Genealogy Research Guide

Genealogy articles, web directory and resources

TreeShare Online Family Trees

TreeShare provides dynamic family tree web sites. Members create, edit, view and share their family history collaboratively using only a web browser.


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Shaikh Siddiqui

Shaikh Siddiqui Family Website with more than twelve generation of family trees and webpages.

Knippelberg Genealogy and History

Knippelberg family genealogy information, historical data, and documents. Much of the website has been translated into German. Also contains information on the Redenbach and Weger families.

How To Research Your Genealogy

Learn how to research your family history firsthand with this beginners through advanced step by step guide

Guide to Mormon Genealogy

LDS family search. Research your family ancestry with the Guide to Mormon Genealogy. Trace your family tree; learn to store and share your genealogical research. Includes Mormon history, web resources to find your family genealogy, ancestors, and root

Genealogy Geek

A genealogy directory and portal for the advanced family history researcher.

Finding ancestry

Learning about your origins and ancestry is a fun activity that can be shared with the whole family, we try to make your searching more effective.

FamilyTrackers World Genealogy Exchange

FamilyTrackers automatically matches genealogists' searches with current and future publications, distant relatives, genealogy societies, professional genealogists, and discussion groups.

Cornish Forefathers

Transcriptions of Cornish parish registers available on cd. If your ancestors hailed from Cornwall, this is the site for you.

Ancestral Branches

Hire a professional genealogist to research your family history. Do you know who your ancestors are?

Ancestor Search

find and preserve your family history. Searchable genealogy databases

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