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Links List in Society/Gay Lesbian and Bisexual


Provides a resource for travel and vacation planning, including finding a travel companion, and learning from the experiences of others. Worldwide lists of accommodations, nightclubs, restaurants, and travel packages.


Provides a services to allow you to find people to meet when traveling. You can find hosts, home exchanges, businesses, clubs, maps, events, and chat online.

PlanetOut Travel

Provides travel articles and information about destinations, tours, and events.

Speak Truth.Com

Biographies of out people making a difference in the world. Through informing about role models who go above and beyond the call of the mainstream, attempts to further the goals of diversity and social justice.

Tall Men Together

Networking and social group for men, 6'4" (193cm) or taller. Local chapters, events, and frequently asked questions.

Short Men of the Internet

Images, personals, and links dedicated to the admiration of shorter men.

Out Everywhere

Social community for guys who want to meet in the real world as well as online. Allows member profile searching and event calendar listing by region.

Galvin, Charlie

Profile, essays, poems, and resources for youth and their families.

Photographs arranged in categories such as future ex-boyfriend and kiss of the week.

Trucker and cowboy stories, personals, and classifieds.

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