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CM to Inches

Easy to use converter to convert centimetres (cm) to inches (in), metric to imperial length conversion. To convert from centimetres to inches type the number of centimetres in the centimetres box, the answer will appear in the inches box. Additionally you

Convert to Metres

Easy to use multi unit converter to convert both Imperial and Metric units to meters - select from inches, feet, yards, miles, millimeters, centimeters and kilometers. For common conversions you can use our multi-unit converter to select the unit to conve

Celsius to Fahrenheit

Easy to use converter for celsius to fahrenheit temperature conversions and fahrenheit to, centigrade conversion also included. With Celsius, derived from the SI system of units, being the defacto international standard for temperature measurement it is u

International Paper Sizes

Quick lookup for A & B paper sizes and C envelope sizes, with simple conversion between dimensions in mm and inches. Across the world, apart from in North America, paper is sold in standard sizes defined by ISO 216. The key feature of these standard sizes

Shoe Sizes

Shoe Sizes Conversion For American, British, European, Australian, Japanese & Mondopoint Footwear. With shoe sizes being measured by different systems in various parts of the world, those living and working abroad can often need a quick converter when buy

UK Bank Holidays

Dates for UK bank holidays and public holidays including regional variations for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the UK bank holidays are days when the banks and many other businesses are closed for the day. Included on the bank holidays

Metric Conversion

Convert length, area, volume, temperature, and weight. We have also created an online unit dictionary, giving definitions for the most commonly used Metric and Imperial units.

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