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Links List in Health/Child Health

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Michael Duplessie Kuwait

Dr Michael Duplessie MD is a reputed person of society. He is a Eye Surgeon. There are many high-profile person who visits Dr. Michael Duplessie for treatment.

Park View Legal

Park View Legal is a San Diego, California based firm which offers you credit consultation and credit repair services.

Drug Rehab In California

Morningside Recovery is a nationally renowned facility for dual diagnosis treatment, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and single or co-occurring mental illness and mental health treatment

TLC for Angels, The Heart of Giving

Volunteer group of crafters who fulfill the needs of preemies, infants and teminally ill children.

Rx Laughter

Information and message board designed for children to interact and talk about laughter (humor) in relation to coping with a terminal illness.


Providing streamlined, comprehensive information about 'what every parent needs to know' when it comes to keeping our kids healthy.

Healthy Futures

Free program that provides resources and support for mothers-to-be and children under 2 in northern Michigan.

Gifts From Heaven

A support group for those who have had or are waiting on liver/small bowel/stomach transplants. Includes pictures and stories.

George Mark Children's House

First children's hospice house in the U.S. providing medical, emotional and practical support to families with children that have life-threatening and terminal illnesses.

Family Bulletin Board

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minneapolis / Saint Paul sponsored bulletin board for families of children with chronic or serious conditions.

Comfort for Kids Program

A S.F. Bay Area-based children's home hospice and palliative care program that provides support to critically-ill children as an alternative to hospital-based care.

Christian Caregivers

Resources for caregivers from a Christian perspective. Designed to inform people who are caring for chronically ill children or adults.

Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati

Provides support for patients and families through the Family/Professional Resource Center and other divisions.

Children's Hospice International

Gateway for education, referrals and community resources for families coping with children that have catastrophic and terminal illnesses.

Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP) of Roanoke Valley

CHIP promotes the health of medically underserved children within the greater Roanoke Valley by ensuring comprehensive health care, strengthening families, and coordinating community resources.

Buddy Bear Project

A free project for children with a chronic illness.

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