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Power DSL

Based in Utah offers internet services for business, home, gamers and more.

Based in Spain offers a wide range of internet services through high Speed Dial-Up, ISDN and ADSL connections with different packages.

IS West

Internet service provider offering server colocation, web hosting, T1, fiber DS3, business DSL and more.

Web & Mail

Based in UK, provides dialup and ISDN internet access with email and webspace.


Internet service provider based in UK, offering Dial Up and ISDN internet access with different packages to all users.


UK Internet Service provider supplying 0845 dial up internet access and free email services.

Cayuse Networks

Dialup Internet service provider throughout United States and Canada.

Family friendly internet provides 56K dial upand broadband internet service.


Provider of dial-up and dual channel ISDN internet access, includes email addresses in the form and web space.

An internet service provider directory/ISP plan comparison tool containing some of the top internet service providers.


Provider of outsourced IT applications, virtual ISP services and brands, wholesale ISP, web hosting, server co-location, disaster recovery and more.

Internet Access

Offers information and reviews on different internet service providers.

High Speed Internet 4 Less

Assisting in locating Internet Service Provider for individual purposes. Website also covers other topics that relate to internet access.

Fixed wireless internet service provider offers a chart comparing WISP service with other types of high speed access.

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