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Mobile application and website development company | Youngbrainz

Youngbrainz is professional mobile application and website development company in India. providing the high-end solution by young brainz of the company for mobile application development, website development, cloud-based backend service, and UI UX Desig

website development bangalore

Omkarsoft Specializes in Best Web Designing Company in Bangalore & Website Development Company in Bangalore offers Enterprise Application Development, iPhone & Android App Development

Magento webshop

Een bedrijfslogo en een website ontwerp zijn belangrijke factoren voor het succes van elk bedrijf.

Offers shopping cart development & Ecommerce solutions in PHP and .Net.

Offers ecommerce shopping cart solutions which are pre integrated with more than 40 payment gateways, UPS Integrated with tax and shipping calculation and free live chat and much more.

Payment gateway and merchant technology developer enabling merchants to process secure transactions from anywhere in the world.

National Merchant Services

Offers turn-key merchant account and credit card processing solutions ranging from retail merchant services accounts to total e-commerce solutions.

Merchant Account Matters

Provides resource on merchant accounts and other payment provider solutions.

Landmark Merchant Solutions

Provides merchant accounts, point of sale equipment and credit card processing packages.

Group ISO International

Merchant account provider offering online credit card processing services for all merchant services.


Offers internet merchant account which helps in accepting online payments and receive online credit card payments.

Xpansion UK

UK-based web-development company offering Ecommerce solutions.

Provides Ecommerce solutions which includes website design solution, shopping cart, merchant account support, webhosting and more.

UK Digital Solutions

Offers e-commerce, traditional commerce and online/offline marketing related solutions.


Based in UK, specialised in web site design, web hosting, e-commerce development and search engine optimization.


Offers E-commerce software designed for small retailers to sell more of their products.

Based in India offers ecommerce web site design, custom software development, Mobile/Wireless application development using PHP, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, XML, Flash and Java/J2EE.

Offers ebusiness solutions which includes ecommerce web site design, merchant accounts, store setup and more.

Offers ecommerce suite and shopping cart solutions with virtual salesman and advanced technological features.


E-commerce company focused on building innovative applications through web technologies.

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